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Let me tell you a story. A story about courage, survival and determination. Rght after hurricane Michael and Dorian, I was honored to be in place to help. Let me tell you that story, it will amaze you!

I will deliver a pointed and direct keynote message to inspire your group. My message focuses on the way we think, the words we use and the way we effect people. Conquering our FOH's (fears, opinions and habits) that get in the way of our efforts to find and execute our goals.

I love speaking! I live to have a positive effect on people.


I would be honored to present to your group.

Suches Georgia 12 in 2

I will be facilitating a workshop at a beautiful appalachin rustic retreat, "Catch A Trout" in Suches Georgia in the fall of 2020. For more information, check out the past workshops here.



"The workshops was awesome! I never thought about so many things we talked about. Lots to think about in my life"

Andy H. North Carolina

"The message is really deep"

Alex, Dawsonville GA

"He tis it all together, I can inderstand it"

Michael, Dahlonega GA


I am available for your event! Send me a text direct and I willrespond, lets get this event planned!

About Me

Dan Dan The Healinman


My name is Dan Francis and I am grateful you are here. 

I am professional speaker, author and motivator with a strong presentation style that combines intuitive concepts and practical applications. I am passionate about developing customer service strategies that strengthen business operations and improve the lives of employees, thus, increasing customer retention, satisfaction and adding a durable layer of security to core revenue centers. 

These talks are leveraging and defining a tried and true strategy for success in relationships, work life and associates personal life.

I have mentored other men and shared these ideas with thousands of people in the recovery and faith communities. I want to share them with your group too.

I am the founder and  Executive Director of Shade Tree Kitchens LLC in the Atlanta, Georgia area of the United States. I am the author of the A.D.A.P.T. Customer Service System and Certification. I live with my wife Debi, our four dogs and two horses.


My Story

My story is a typical one in so many ways. I choose a life of debauchery, selfishness and greed. It did not end well.

For many years I was wandering in this world trying to demand it act a particular way to suit me. I was addicted to drugs and alcohol as well. In 2012, that all changed.

I was introduced to a recovery lifestyle that works, and I have been studying why ever since. I found a church home at Browns Bridge Church in Cumming Georgia. From my experiences there I have embarked on a journey to build a method of communicating the skills taught to us by Jesus and teach them to anyone who cares to learn them.

I believe there is an extraordinary power in "The Way" of First Century. This is the original name for practicing what Jesus taught. The power of The Way can be leveraged to bring anyone into a heightened state of happiness known as Salvation. 

It is an ability that rests inside us all.

There was a day I was severly addicted, my wife had left, the money was all gone and I had no one around me. Today things are quite different.  I live in a life of unmanageable grace. It was not of my doing, indeed, I fought it , but I was fortunately ignored.

It does not take a crisis or hitting rock bottom to master these skills. You can learn them just like I did and you don't have to believe in anything to get started. All you are required to have here is a desire to learn, an open mind and a willingness to get serious about your future, the maintenance of your soul.

There really is no more important thing than the maintenance of your soul. 

I am unable to express the gratitude I have for all the people that took time to teach these skills to me. I am passionate about teaching them to you.

You can do this. Yes! This really will work for anyone.

I am excited to talk to your church, group or at your event.


Topics for Presentations

I have many different topics I speak on and series packages as well that focus on a general topic and work to specific skills over the course of a few gatherings.

Dignify Me 

We all know what a dignitary is but do we know how to build a sense of dignity within ourselves? In this talk we will explore ways to build self-worth in ourselves and in others we live and work with. Examining why we feel insecure and perform poorly when we are controlled by the world around us.

The Way

What did Jesus really teach? Can I use it to build my business? Can I use it to build wealth? Can I use it to mend relationships? We discover here that we do indeed control the outcome of many things. We wrestle with the thoughts and actions that bring us trouble and ways Jesus said we can escape the trouble within ourselves.

The Jesus Strategy

Based on the book of the same title. The Jesus Strategy looks into the way we gain power, significance and purpose. Taking to task our natural inclination for selfishness, we will target the thoughts that keep us from the ultimate happiness.

What Opportunity Looks Like

Can you travel in time? Can you actually change your past? I believe you can. 

We may not notice that some of our worst moments represent some of our most significant opportunities. Based in my personal story of recovery and the experices I had providing meals immediately in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, we talk about strategically placed people and events that lead us to our current destiny. 

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Dan Francis

Cumming, Georgia, United States

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