Talks and Workshops for churches and recovery groups

Honestly Honest


This is a workshop and talk that simplifies the idea of honesty into two easy ideas. Walking the participants into the power of honesty for building strong, trust based relationships.

Meekness is not Weakness


Meekness is a sign of strength and courage.

In this workshop we talk about ways we can stand strong on and in faith during troubling circumstances and life's  uncertainties.

I Surrender


This is a discussion and workshop on the power in surrendering your will and life over to God. Diving deep to leverage the pivotal change that is available to us all when we surrender.



How do I maintain a sense of self-worth, a sense of dignity, when things go wrong or I have a difficult past. Overcoming guilt and shame and rebuilding dignity in your life.

The Jesus Strategy


What did Jesus teach that can be objectively applied into your life. What is this promise of a great life and peace of mind? It is all here in 

The Jesus Strategy

Willingness is the key


Where do I get started in learning how to live by the teachings of Jesus. Here, we explore how willingness is the key to a successful living of the Teachings of Jesus.